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A beautiful look crafted into the dark and unforgiving world
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Mafia is a game that lets you travel to a Chicago-like city in the thirties. You will feel inside of a film by Coppola.
The environment is the imaginary city of Lost Heaven, but clearly inspired in the aspect of a large United States cities in those years, as New York or Chicago.
For over 20 missions, your duty will be to gradually climb the criminal and social positions from a minor one of the most respected members of the Salieri family clan.

The graphics section is spectacular, the recreation of time and city atmosphere is extremely realistic in the smallest details. In addition, the cars are another point for the designers, they look like the original models, the surfaces are smooth and shiny, with appropriate effects of reflection and with all kinds of details in the body.
Another remarkable thing is the great soundtrack and some detailed sound effects which give the impression of actually living in this era of history.

You can interact fully with the game scenario with a variety of actions, using weapons, driving cars and confronting enemies in dangerous missions filled with action risk. But do not forget to hide your gun if you come across a policeman.
In conclusion, is an excellent opportunity if you want to be a gangster of the thirties.

María Noel Balla
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  • Excellent sound effects and incredible graphics


  • The official site of the developer is under updating now
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